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Feel sick on wellbutrin

Everytime I start a new job, I have the.
I recently went to the Dr. after about 3 yrs of slowly becoming a unrecognizable shell of my former self. The breaking point was my 3 yr old (yes I now believe I had
I don't understand why this is such a difficult thing for me. I have had new jobs before, always with the same beginning. I want to turn back and go to my last

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    Read somewhere that you should not quit alcohol altogether if you have been using regularly while on Wellbutrin. Can anyone comment on this or point me to a good source.
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    Hi! I started experiencing anxiety attacks, etc. about 4 years ago. After a length of time and MANY doctors visits, I started taking Lexapro and I've been on it ever
    Feel Sick to My Stomach Anyone taking or taken Wellbutrin????. Why Do I Feel Sick Anyone taking or taken Wellbutrin????.
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    Sick of Feeling Sick

    Feel sick on wellbutrin

    Feel sick on wellbutrin

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    I was just put on generic wellburtin a few days ago and took it for 2 days. The first day I was fine, it made me a little jittery at first but it went away.
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    29.09.2009  i have been perscribed to it, for almost a week and havnt taken it yet. I been a little sick and dont know how the pill makes you feel so I have been waiting.